Catty Collins Gives Back: 2020 Giving Challenge

Catty Collins Gives Back: 2020 Giving Challenge

If you were asked to identify the extent of homelessness of animals around the world, would you be able to answer? Here is the honest answer —no.

There is no easy answer when being asked the question. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are more than 200 million stray dogs worldwide. Homeless animals, including cats and other animals, continue to be innumerable. The reality is shocking.

So, what does this mean for us? Something must be done. What if you were told you could be a part of efforts to save abandoned pets solely with an everyday product purchase?

Yes, it is that easy.

That is the purpose behind Catty Collins and why we decided to create this company; to help spread the word about animal homelessness and help do something about it.


Our Mission


Catty Collins take the statistic of homeless animals and makes it our mission to aid the animals in need and support our communities, aiming to do the same. Created by a six-year-old girl (Collins), passionate about animals, we are a growing company that allows animal lovers to buy shirts designed by Collins and her parents with the goal of donating money from each sale towards helping animal shelters and groups that help abandoned and homeless animals. Collins was anxious about the state of abandoned pets, which led to her family’s inspiration to take action and design a clothing line that encourages positivity. The distinct principle of kindness and love for animals gave way to endless opportunities to help pets who are left homeless.

Ten percent of net profits are automatically donated to our community, including nonprofit partners, shelters, and other organizations.

The best part? Everyone benefits. You are making a difference one life at a time just by supporting Catty Collins. Our powerful mission is lifelong and will not stop until the essence of animal homelessness is no more.


Spreading Awareness


Partnering with shelters around the nation, we sponsor events for dog and cat adoptions, and donate supplies, helping to facilitate permanent homes. With these efforts, we have reached animals who lack life’s essentials and the proper treatment they deserve. Here is some of what we do as an organization:

 1) Develop relationships with communities. We strive to be an active partner with those around us locally. Sharing our values and resources enables us to make lasting impacts.


 2) Design apparel. Our merchandise is specially designed for customers who have adoration and enjoyment for animals of all kinds. We make sure our products are affordable, comfortable, and high quality. Plus, a percentage of proceeds are donated to help shelter pets.


 3) Promote social engagement. We want our love for animals to reach those around the world. Gathering people together to fight toward the same cause is something we desire each day. Engaging our community will allow us to make a far more significant impact on the lives of pets. Each resource and helping hand can change the life of an animal.


 4) We give back. We give back our time and our funds to further aid facilities fighting toward the same cause. Developing relationships gives us the chance to empower those who love animals and to make positive impacts in the lives of abandoned pets. Monetary donations serve as a great tool, enabling people to reach out and change the horrid realities many pets undergo.


Our Mission in Action


Our methods of outreach extend beyond single communities or organizations. Our company was given an opportunity to participate in our communities’ Giving Challenge this year, presented by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County. For the seventh year, this 24-hour challenge has been offered, bringing together more than 700 local nonprofit organizations that are supporting important causes. As an active member of our community, it is fundamentally important for us to be able to give and to help sheltered pets. Being a part of such a transformative impact is something we take pride in. It is in events like this; we are genuinely able to take our passion and resources and revolutionize them into life-changing efforts.

During this year’s Giving Challenge, we donated to the Humane Society of Manatee County. As one of our local non-profit organizations, they share the same zeal and vision as Catty Collins. The number of shelter pets seemingly increases daily, and many organizations rely on the support of others who share similar values. Rehoming and caring for animals takes love, compassion, and resources, all qualities we firmly hold as an organization.

We don’t just stop at animals though because we feel a responsibility to help our community in any way we possibly can. We have also offered additional community support through donations to the Pace Center for Girls Manatee County, and Bridge a Life. Taking our mission to heart enables a way to make a difference in the lives of those who need our help most.


The founding of Catty Collins has invoked feelings of optimism, encouragement, and love. Our success has given us the courage to spread awareness and kindness. Our goal is for every pet to have a home and every home to have a pet. We have products that can be purchased on our online site that promote the animals we much adore. With the support of customers like yourself, we can take our aspirations to heart and truly impact the lives of animals who are in so desperate need of homes. The goal of our organization is so much more than merely selling products; it is giving hope to those animals who are helpless.

Thank you for helping us make this dream a reality.  

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