Crazy Facts About the Large, Fluffy Norwegian Forest Cat

Crazy Facts About the Large, Fluffy Norwegian Forest Cat
Have you ever confused the Maine Coon with the Norwegian Forest cat? Although they are equally fluffy, both have different characteristics, abilities, likings, and personality. In fact, they come from completely different origins.
Based on its name, most people assume that Norwegian Forest cats come from Norway. However, the history of this cat is shrouded in mystery. Still, it would be more accurate to say that it came from the region of Northern Europe. Despite being known for its muscular build and strong bones, this cat breed is also known to be a loving companion. They also enjoy the praise of their parents by cuddling with them.
This cat breed has very thick, fluffy coats, large sizes, and friendly dispositions. Thanks to all these features, the owners of this cat breed feel like these cats are warm and lovable. If you want to own this cat, then this article is for you.
Read on to get more information about this warm, fluffy, and loving cat breed.

1. Norwegian Forest Cats are Water Repellent

The best part about this cat breed is that they are water repellent. All thanks to their thick, and double-layered coats. The fur coats of the Norwegian Forest cat are basically waterproof because of the coarse outer layer of fur and dense underlayMoreover, they are also equipped with winter "gear", which act as earmuffs and snowshoes.
Generally, their winter gear is present near their ears and toes. Because of all these characteristics, these cats were known to be winter creatures. If you live in a cold climate, then you should adopt this cat breed. These cats were born for survival in the cold! This breed is totally different from other cats of the world, because of these attributes.

2. Norwegian Forest Cats are Ginormous

This cat breed is known to be one of the largest breeds of domestic cats. On an average note, these "Wegies" (as they're called) are much larger than any house cat, and even some small dogs! Moreover, these hulking felines rival foxes in size! 
Normally, the male Norwegian cats can tip the scales anywhere from 13 to 22 pounds. One more thing about this cat is that they are not attention seekers! They enjoy their own company. When you own this cat breed, at least you don't have to worry about giving extra attention to them.

3. Their Origins are Mysterious

There is only one thing that is certain about the Norwegian Forest Cat, it is an old breed. The origin of this breed is a source of mystery, which needs to be solvedSome people relate this breed to the black-and-white short-haired cats from Great Britain, which the Vikings used as mousers on their ships.
However, others might say that these are the descendants of long-haired cats brought to Scandinavia by the Crusaders. In short, no one knows where they have come. Over the years, they evolved into the large, dense-coated animal we know and love today.

4. They're Surrounded by Legend

Do you know about the Norse goddess Freyja? She was also known to be a lover of the Norwegian Forest cat. In fact, in various pictures, it has depicted that two cats pulled her chariot. What is more, this fluffy, and fierce feline is also a source of inspiration in many Norwegian myths!
The fairy tales also speak of the ("forest cat") skogkatt, which is said to be a huge cat in Norwegian myths. At that time, these cats lived in the mountains and were known to be fast climbers and climbed where no other cat could. Nowadays, Norwegian Forest cats are called "skogkatt" even to this day in Norway!

5. The Breed nearly went Extinct

Several years ago, this breed was appreciated by farmers and sailors for their mousing skills. In spite of its mousing skills, until the 1930's many people didn’t notice and show interest in this breed.
During the World War II, attention began to rise for the Norwegian Forest Cat. When they got popular in society, they nearly went extinct! This was due to the high rate of crossbreeding.
An official breeding program rescued the furry cat’s lineage for future generations. Finally, in 1977, the Fédération Internationale Féline officially accepted the Norwegian Forest cat breed.

6. They're Related to Maine Coon Cats

Since genetic testing indicated that Maine Coons are descendants of Norwegian Forest Cats, but this has not been proved yetUndoubtedly, with their big bodies and bushy tails, both cats look like cousins, but this is not true! Look at their features! Norwegian Forest cats have a triangle-shaped face, whereas Maine Coons have a wedge-shaped head with high cheekbones

7. They're the Official Cat of Norway

Do you know the name of the national cat of Norway? Well, it's name is, you guessed it, the Norwegian Forest cat! Yes, this giant breed of cat was crowned with the title of Norway's national cate by late King Olaf V.

8. They're Built for Tree Climbing

Believe it or not, Norwegian Forest Cats are excellent tree climbers. Have you ever seen a cat run down a tree headfirst? No! Then you really need to meet this cat! This cat can easily jump and climb up various trees. All thanks to their strong back legs, thick claws, and heavy muscle. As stated above, Norwegian Forest Cats were born for survival in the wild, so they can do this task easily.
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