Interesting Facts About Maine Coons

Interesting Facts About Maine Coons

Being known as the gentle giant, Maine Coon cats are one of the most popular domestic cat breeds in the US. Sometimes they are also called 'the dogs of the cat world'. Maine Coon cats are not only known for their plus-size and being heavily boned, but they are also known for their huge personality.

In fact, the way these cats adorn themselves is with a beautiful neck ruff, dainty britches, and a big, bushy tail. The best part about this cat is they are highly adaptable to any environment. Due to their big size, and prominent personalities, this cat is luring many American families.

Let's dive deeper into the article and gather some information about this lovable, larger-than-life Maine Coon cat!

1. Largest Domestic Cat Breed

Maine Coon cats are the giant domestic felines in the world. Maine Coons can match length with wild cats such as bobcats and Eurasian lynxes but, some people mistaken Maine Coon cats with bobcats because of their huge size. That’s how large they can get! And believe it, if you look at this animal for the first time, you will also think the same way. The weight of Maine Coons can range from 9 to 16 pounds for females, and 13 to 18 pounds for males.

2. Dressed for Winter

The next exciting personality trait of these Maine Coons is their survival rate. They have a high survival rate in cold environments. To keep the heat in their body, their thick, and water-repellent coats play an important role. In fact, their big and fluffy paws act like built-in snowshoes. They were built for the snow! With these characteristics, Maine Coons can easily traipse through the snow instead of sinking. If they have to walk across ice, these traits are a huge benefit. Another crowning feature of this giant cat is their fur which is shorter on the shoulders. This allows the kitties to play through wooded areas without getting hurt or caught on branches and thorns.

3. Color of a Maine Coon

The grey color often identifies Maine Coons. So, some people wrongly think that these cats don't have any other color. But this is not true! In fact, these cats, also come in just about every cat color and pattern. These include orange, red, tabby, cream, white, buff, black, silver, and multi-colored patterns.

4. Colorful Origin Stories

As per their name, Maine Coon cats are native to the Pine Tree State (Maine). Due to their bushy tails, and brown coats, there are different stories of their origins. The scientific explanation for the origin of this breed is that they mated with raccoons and then gave birth to the semi-wild domesticated cats. Even though it is scientific, it's still entertaining!
Another theory for the origin of this animal is that Maine Coons are descendants of six royal pet cats. The pet cats were shipped to Wiscasset by Queen Marie Antoinette when she was planning her escape from France during the French Revolution.
The more plausible story for their origin is that these cats were brought to America. During the 1700s, the Vikings or European sailors who docked brought these cats into New England. The furry kitties originated from short-haired domestic cats being bred with long-haired cats. In the aspect of genetic origin of these animals, it has been found that Maine Coons are actually descendents of the mysterious now-extinct domestic breed, the Norwegian Forest Cat.

5. Known as the “Dogs of the Cat World”

Maine Coon cats are also known as the “Dogs of the Cat World" , all thanks to their highly social and humble interaction with the humans. They are not only famous for being heavily boned, these cats do have dog-associated traits. These traits include being friendly, playful, loyal, interactive, and having an amusing nature. Moreover, these cats are also great as family pets.

6. Winners of the First American Cat Show

Did you know, a Maine Coon also won the First American Cat Show? Really! The first American cat show was held in New York City in 1895 at Madison Square Garden and the winner was a brown tabby Maine Coon cat named Cosey, who belonged to Mrs. E.N. Barker.  In 2015, the Maine Coon was also crowned with the title of the third most popular breed in the U.S as per the CFA registration report. Due to its popularity, they're also prized in Japan and Europe.

7. They Actually Like Water

Unlike most breeds of cats, Maine Coons do like water. Some people think that its due to their thick and water-repellent fur. However, their canine-like lifestyle also backs this up. In short, many Maine Coon cats tend to be fond of water. Maine Coon owners also report that their cats like to play in water bowls or try to turn the faucet on in the sink. All these activities clearly reveal a lot about their nature and love towards the water.

8. Record-Holders

A Maine Coon cat secured the positions of being the World's Longest Cat and the World's Oldest Cat! An 8-year-old Maine Coon, Stewie, secured the honor of being the World's Longest Cat before his death from cancer in 2013. Stewie measured 48.5 inches from the tip of his nose to the end of his tailbone.
Do you know who won the crown of World’s Oldest Cat? The cat was only half Maine Coon but a cat named Corduroy holds the title of the World’s Oldest Cat!

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