About Us

Catty Collins herselfCatty Collins was inspired by a family whose six-year-old daughter has a passion for fashion, art, and above all, animals. One day while visiting a local nonprofit with her mom, Collins was able to play with a group of feral cats the organization had currently trapped, spayed, and released. The feral cats arrived at the nonprofit some time ago and had since become part of the family for all who were involved. Inspired by the joy that was received by the cats but concerned about the rising number of abandoned pets, Catty Collins was manifested. Our goal was to create a playful fashion line for young and old that reminded those of their beloved pets while encouraging those in our path to create change through kindness. 
Halloween 2017
Catty Collins was founded on the principle that kindness is the most influential agent of positive change. Anxious about the current state of abandoned pets, our emotions inspired us to take action and create a clothing line that encourages positive vibes and good karma. Each Catty Collins shirt is enthusiastically designed to invoke feelings of optimism, compassion, and most of all, love! All of the qualities we believe exist in our pets. We are so grateful for your generosity and helping us create a better tomorrow.